• Easy tips to lose weight

    Easy tips to lose weight

    Increased weight is a problem for many and it leads to many side effects. In this health conscious world extra kilos can causes serious health problems and you may also suffer mental disturbance regarding your body stature. The better part of this story is that you can improve and lose your gained weight easily. The tips mentioned below will help you gain your desired body shape in limited amount of time.

    Know your diet   

    Being aware of what you eat every day will help you track your calorie intake. Try to maintain a food diary, studies have shown that those people who maintain a food diary end up eating 15% less than their actual diet. The decreased intake of calories will certainly help you to lose your weight. If you keep losing these 15% calories then it can make huge difference and results will show up early.

    Online weight loss

    The studies carried by University of Vermont found that those people who have online support to help them lose weight have better chances of reducing weight as compared to face-to-face in a support group. The research examined volunteers for 18 months and better results were observed in favor of those applied for online buddy help.

    Breakfast and Water

    When you have your breakfast go ahead and take orange juice but rest of the day stick to water. This small change can provide valuable results. Try to avoid soda and juice as this will add up to your calorie intake so take water instead. The consumption of soda and juice does not trigger the feeling of having full stomach which you get when you eat food, so do strictly avoid this type of drinks. If you avoid a glass of juice for rest of the day then you can save 100 calorie a day and this is enough to prevent you from gaining two extra pounds every year which people gain unknowingly.

    Reduce your time of watching TV

    It’s very comfortable to sit and watch TV for endless hours but under this dilemma of great pleasure you are gaining extra weight. The study of 76 undergraduate students showed that more TV they watched more often they ate and this increased their overall food intake.  So try not to stick around your TV for large amount of time. Sacrifice this and you’ll have better results. Go for a walk instead of watching TV this will refresh your mood.

    Household Work

    Do household work to lose your weight. Doing this will automatically burn your calories without taking large amount of efforts. When you do your household work you burn considerable amount of fat and this will help you reduce weight easily. The calories that you burn by doing household work count more. Try to do everything possible wash your car, windows, tiles around your house and this will surely provide better results if you keep doing this for a week.


    Wait for your stomach signal

    We have habit of eating whenever we see food without waiting for stomach’s call. Wait for stomach to alert you so that you can opt for food. Stop eating every now and then when you see food around you as this will help you reduce you calorie intake and provide better results. Try to feel stomach hunger and until you feel that your stomach is hungry and demands food try not to eat. If you like particular thing to eat and you eat it every time then it’s a habit not hunger. If you are dealing with excessive food intake due to stress and depression then try to find other ways to divert you mind.

    Spend time by walking on stairs

    When you walk on stairs for 10 minutes you burn large amount of calories and lose a good amount of weight. If you keep walking on stairs for a week or so you’ll be astonished by the results that how easily you can reduce your weight by walking on stairs. Try to increase the distance of walking after two weeks of walking.

    Walk five minutes in 2 hours

    If you walk for five minutes in every two hours then you can lose good amount of weight. This type of walking burns your extra calories easily to keep your weight under control. Keep walking for a month or so and the results will be surprising and you’ll lose large amount of weight. At the end of the day you’ll find that your every five minute walk has earned you 20 minute walk overall. Try not to reach out for snacks and it’s better to avoid them.

    Cover 45 minute walk every day

    Go for a 45 minute walk rather than typical 30 minute walk. The study carried by Duke University suggests that typical 30 minute walk only prevents unnecessary weight gain but 45 minute walk not only prevent unnecessary weight gain but also burns unnecessary fat present in your body. This will help you reduce your weight significantly and better results obtained. You will lose large amount of weight by taking 45 minute walk rather than 30 minute walk.

    Avoid prepared food

    Avoid the food which includes sugar, fructose or corn syrup label. Go for low sugar containing food and if you can’t find it just grab a fruit. Do not stick to hydrogenated food and look for fiber rich food.  The correct choice of food is very important for those who want to lose weight. High sugar and junk food increases weight so go for low sugar and fiber rich food.

    Go for active social outing every week

    Avoid movie screens and visit local park. This will help your body to engage in physical activity along with entertainment and this will help you lose your weight easily. Do any type of sporting activity like playing tannins, ride on bicycle or bowling. These activities will burn the calories and you’ll lose weight more often.

    Take most meals at your home

    Taking 90% of your meals at home this gives you larger chances to control your diet and lose weight easily. Take small portion of meal and avoid eating outside home. If you are eating outside even then order small portions for your meal. Try to eat water rich food, eating this type of food lowers calorie intake and fills your stomach easily.

    If you follow the tips correctly and act accordingly you will certainly be able to lose your weight easily.

  • Quick ways to lose weight effectively

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    Quick ways to lose weight effectively

    Do cardio workout

    Cardio workout includes aerobic activities like walking, running, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. Any aerobic activity done at moderate speed helps to burn fat effectively. Apart from losing weight you will also get many other benefits. An aerobic exercise strengthens the muscles involved in respiration. It facilitates greater oxygen flow throughout the body by increasing the total number of blood cells in the body. Exercising 5-6 times a week for duration of 45 mins can help you achieve the goals. Cardio combined with strength training exercises will give even better results.

    Yoga for weight loss

    An ancient practice yoga, it has been there since ages. Daily practice of yoga can help you to lose weight effectively. Free from side effects yoga is a slow process with long lasting effects. Some of the benefits of doing yoga regularly is increased muscle strength and tone, increased flexibility, maintenance of a balanced metabolism, better cardio as well as circulatory health. The best part of Yoga is it helps to manage stress which is the root cause of many deadly diseases in the world

    Take a vegetarian diet

    Vegetarian diet works best not only for weight loss but is also required for a slim and shapely body. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables helps to boost up the metabolic rate of our body. A vegetarian diet apart from its weight loss benefits also imparts a natural glow to the skin. It helps to reduce flab around the tummy and waist. It helps in the elimination of toxins that will make you feel light and energetic.

    Include low fat dairy in your diet

    Low fat dairy contains dietary calcium fecal fat excretion. Although some dairy products like flavored or frozen yoghurt have added sugars other products like whole milk and cheese have a high concentration of saturated fats that can aid in weight loss. Although many people avoid taking dairy products like butter and cheese due to the high calorie content there are low fat dairy products like skimmed or semi-skimmed milk and low-fat yogurts. If you happen to be a cheese lover you need not cut out on cheese completely. You may opt for cheddar or Cottage cheese that has lesser amounts of fats and calories. All this low fat dairy products are very helpful to lose weight.

    A heavier breakfast for weight loss

    Make breakfast the most important meal of the day and ensure not to skip breakfast. Meal times affect the circadian rhythms of the body. A direct link has been found between metabolism and insulin activity. It has been found that having a large meal later in the day may disrupt the circadian clock and result in obesity. It has also been found that the body digests and processes more efficiently the morning meal than any other meals taken during the day. Taking whole grains, proteins as well as fruits in the breakfast is good for the brain and muscles.



    Eat plenty of fiber

    Dietary fiber has an important role to play in weight loss.  Eating foods high on fiber gives you the feeling of fullness thus preventing you to eat more than you need. You have to chew fibrous foods for a long time which sends the signal to brain that you have eaten a lot. The act of chewing also promotes the production of saliva as well as stomach juices that fill up the stomach. Starting the day with a high fiber cereal is a healthy option to lose weight.

    Lemon juice for weight loss

    Lemon juice is one versatile ingredient and works wonders when it comes to losing weight. It flushes out toxins from the body and aids metabolism. It promotes healthy digestion as well as helps to burn fat. Drink it early morning on empty stomach to reduce excess weight. Continue for 3 months to see results.

    Include soybeans in your diet

    Our bodies need more time to digest protein and this helps to burn calories. Soy beans are the best soy protein food. It contains healthy unsaturated fats which effectively lowers the bad cholesterol and prevents the risk of cardiac ailments. One of the plant sources soya beans is high on omega-3 fatty acids that help to maintain ideal body weight. Soybeans also contain soluble and insoluble fiber that curbs hunger pangs.

    Benefits of Green tea

    A super beverage green tea can reduce weight effectively. Green tea contains catechins which generate heat in the body and helps to burn excess calories. Green tea has polyphenol that intensify levels oxidation of fats and the rate at which body turns food into calories. Research shows that the presence of caffeine and other compounds in the tea boosts metabolism, burn calories and break down fat. It increases the good cholesterol levels as well as helps to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the blood. It blocks cholesterol absorption in the digestive tract and helps in its elimination.

    Change your habits

    It s amazing how few changes in our habits can make a big difference when it comes to weight loss. If you start the day with a heavy nutritious breakfast and end the day with a light early dinner you can effectively manage your weight. Portion control is as important when it comes to weight loss. When we are eating out most of the time we either give into temptation or are coaxed by people to take more than we require. This leads to additional weight gain. Starving can also contribute to additional weight gain as we tend to over eat later. So it is always advised that you eat at regular intervals that you do not over eat later. Last but not least leading an active life as well as remaining focused on your goals can help you achieve your dreams for weight loss.

  • Top Ways To Lose Weight Effectively

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    Top Ways To Lose Weight Effectively

    Do you have a big party coming up in few weeks and you want to get into your skinny gorgeous looking clothes once again?  Do you want to lose weight fast? In the following section some of the most effective ways of losing weight in no time. By controlling weight you not only look good, you feel good about yourself, have higher energy level and you can perform tasks on your own without being dependent on others.

    Walk to lose weight

    Walking as we all know is a great way of losing weight fast and effectively. Walk in a moderate pace everyday for about 30-60mins that will help you to burn that fat stores, speed up metabolism and build up muscle. Walk at an easy warm-up pace for about 5 -10mins. Gradually increase to your desired pace for optimal fat burning. Apart from reducing weight walking has many benefits. Regular walking prevents the risk of heart disease and stroke. It boosts the production of vitamin D and prevents against bone related disorders like osteoporosis. It improves mental health too.

    Lift weights twice a week

    Hit the gym twice a week. Do warming up exercises followed by lifting weights and stretching. Talk to your gym instructor for guidance. Lifting weights will burn few calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing down. Strength training exercises can push the adrenal glands to secrete epinephrine or norepinephrine which produces more force, blood flow and metabolism of sugar and fat.

    Engage in household Chores

    Besides doing exercise engaging in simple household chores may help you to lose weight effectively.  Cleaning you own house whether it’s the floor, windows, shower stall, bathroom tiles or your car cleaning for half an hour can help you to shed those extra calories. You may also explore many intelligent ways of shedding those extra pounds. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator. On the way to your office get off the bus a few stops earlier and walk your way to the office.  Get out of your office and go on walking meetings.

    Cut out on the Starches and Sugars

    Take a low-carb diet full of starches or sugars to lose weight. Foods containing sugar or starch stimulate insulin secretion in the body which is the main fat storage hormone in the body. When there is a reduction in insulin levels body burns fats instead of the carbs and helps release fats from the body. The lowering effect of insulin helps the kidneys release excess water and sodium out of the body which prevents bloating and water retention in the body. If you take low fat and carb diets even for one week you will find will surely find a considerable decrease in your body weight.


    Take more of proteins, vegetables and fats

    Include at least on protein source, low carb vegetables and fats in every meal. Try to keep your  carb intake within the range of 20-50 grams per day which will help to bring your weight down. Choose from protein sources like beef, chicken, pork, lean bacon, lamb, etc. Take eggs which is a high source of Omega-3. Include fish and seafood like trout, salmon, lobster and shrimp. It has been proven that diets rich in protein boosts metabolism. It also reduces obsessive thoughts relating to food which leads to binge eating and late night snacking that contributes to obesity. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables. Choose from cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, brussel sprouts and many more.

    Take Soup to keep off weight

    A broth based soup has fewer calories and certainly a wiser option than a heavy meal when it comes to losing weight. Soups made with fresh vegetables or chicken has all the nutrition that your body needs. It can also effectively curb your appetite taken at the beginning of a meal which can aid in weight loss. You can choose from vegetable or chicken soup, fresh or canned ones. When you are eating out ordering a delicious soup before the main course can also help you manage your weight.

    Drink green tea to lose weight

    Green tea has long been known for its weight loss properties.  Green tea contain three effective components – catechins, theanine and caffeine that helps to manage weight effectively. Caffeine boosts your system and speeds up metabolism. Catechins are anti-oxidant flavonoids that aid the absorption of lipids within the intestinal track.

    Drink plenty of water

    Water is the best drink ever. Whether it’s a fruit smoothie, sports drink or a light beer each of these beverages contains calories. Other drinks may be high on carb and sodium content which may lead to water retention. Water is natural, safe and zero calories which makes it a perfect drink for slimming. Drinking a glassful of water before every meal can curb your appetite and cause you to eat less. You may add lemon wedges and mint leaves to make plain water exciting. If you are exercising sip onto water at regular intervals. This will replace the lost water from the body which evaporates through sweat.

    Restrict alcohol to lose weight

    It has been found that alcohol delivers twice as many proteins and carbohydrates as compared to other foods.  Alcoholic drinks also contain calories from other sources which add to total calorie intake. Both wine and beer have a high concentration of carbohydrates. Cocktails on the other hand have a high concentration of fats. Carbohydrates are known to release insulin which causes storage of fats while fats get directly stored as body fat. Alcohol has also been found to increase appetite and when combined with a high caloric meal leads to accumulation of fat.


    Limit the intake of junk foods

    Its undoubtedly true that the foods that taste great are loaded with fats and nutrients which is the most important factor for weight gain. These are foods that we get in roadside food joints or malls like pizzas, pastas, pastries and fried foods. Soft drinks which form an important part of junk foods contains artificial sweeteners and calories.

  • Easy smoothies recipes for weight loss

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    Easy smoothies recipes for weight loss

    Who said that you would have to starve yourself to get into shape, there is also no need for you to get a professional chef to cook something special for weight loss. The best thing is a blending machine that would transform tasty fruits and food items into mouth watering healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss. Weight loss regimes often run away from, as there is a myth associated that you will have to give up on all the tasty food items that there are. The case will be reversed once you get your hands on these simple recipes.

    What do you need for a healthy smoothie?

    Smoothies would require a few common ingredients that would help one maintain the nutritional quotients and would also be suitable for weight loss.

    1) Protein: It is of high importance that one has high protein intake and the best way is to use lean protein. Protein will lead to maintenance of muscle mass that would mean burning calories. The protein suitable for smoothies would be unflavored protein powders that allow the fruits to retain their original taste, silken tofu or yogurt that will give the shake volume.

    2) Base: Milk which is rich in vitamin D and calcium, flavored milk like almond and soy are also fine. Try and keep the milk non-fat or with the least amount of fat that would be burned down easily and not adding to the body fat.

    3) Healthy food fats: The body needs to drive its energy and also to make the healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss one need healthy fat. Use monounsaturated fats that could be avocado, nuts, seeds. A few table spoon of these healthy fats would do the trick.

    4) Fiber-Carbs: Most of the fruits will do, but strawberries and raspberries would deliver the least amount of sugar and high fiber, also there are spinach and cucumber that would be helpful too.

    What are the top recipes that would be helpful for weight loss??

    Allow yourself a treat while you are still at your regime of losing weight. Let’s start with a few popular ones to treat your taste buds.

     Mango smoothie: Mango lovers will just love this one. All you need is a

     Few slices of mango

     ¼ cup of mashed avocado

     ½ cup of mango juice

     ¼ cup of Vanilla yogurt

     1 tbsp lime juice

     1 tbsp sugar

     Ice cubes.

    Put all the ingredients in a blender and make a smooth paste. Pour the content in a tall glass and add a few mango slices on the top for garnishing.

     Blueberry smoothie: This is for all the berry lovers, who want to take a break from starving and enjoy something mouth watering

     1 cup of skim milk

     1 cup of frozen blueberries (unsweetened)

     1 tbsp flaxseed oil (cold-pressed organic)

    Put milk and blueberries in a blender and blend for a minute and a half, pour the content on a tall glass and mix in flax seed oil.


     Peanut butter and Banana Smoothie: For those who are looking for a cocktail smoothie that would be new to the list.

     ½ cup of fat-free milk

     ½ cup of fat-free plain yogurt

     2 tbsp peanut butter

     ¼ banana (ripe)

     1 spoon honey

     Ice cubes

    Put the ingredients in a blender and blend until a rich, smooth paste is created. Pour them in a tall glass and serve chilled.

     Yogurt and blueberry smoothies: Who prefer their smoothies with added base would love this one.

     1 cup of milk or soy milk

     6 oz of vanilla yogurt

     1 cup of fresh blueberries

     1 tbsp flax seed oil

     Ice cubes

    Pour all the ingredients (except flax oil) in a blender and blend them to form a rich taste. Now pour them into a tall glass and add flax oil and stir. Drink chilled.

     All your favorite smoothie: This one has it all. One glass and you feel full and that too without added fat to your body. The suitable healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss.

     4 ounces of yogurt

     2 cups of strawberries ( frozen)

     1 cut banana (frozen preferred)

     2 tbsp peanut butter

     Ice

    Mix all the ingredients in a blender and blend till a smooth paste is formed. Pour in a tall glass and garnish with berries to add to the finish. Drink while chilled.

     Spinach sweet smoothie: This one is rich and highly suitable for vegetarians who prefer spinach over other veggies.

     6 oz nonfat yogurt

     2 cups of spinach leaves

     1 pear well cut

     Grapes

     2 tbsp avocado, chopped

     1 tbsp fresh lime juice

    Mix all the ingredients in a blender and blend till a smooth paste of formed. Drink while chilled.

    Smoothies form a great option for those who are trying to get rid of the extra fat. They are highly convenient as all one needs is to procure the ingredients and throw them in a blender, there is no added efforts needed. The time required to prepare these healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss is next to minimum. It is full of healthy ingredients are so rich that it kills the urge to eat rubbish between meals that was the main reason behind the extra weight that you have been carrying around. The smoothies are easy to digest and the fiber, protein and fats are easily absorbed by the body for right. For working with the smoothies moderation is the key. Start with higher smoothies and lesser food for the first days and then lesser smoothies. The smoothies have lesser calories than an average meal and thus sticking to a suitable mean will ensure that you lose weight in no time. Smoothies are a great start when you worry about having to skip on tasty and mouth watering food items to start weight loss regime. It is however advised that with smoothies one follow a good exercise routine so that its works best and one lose weight quickly.

  • The best of healthy recipes with rice for your weekend parties

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    The best of healthy recipes with rice for your weekend parties

    In today’s time it is quite important to follow a healthy diet seeing all hectic schedules and busy life style. It will help in providing all necessary energy to keep you active throughout the day. Staying within the right or healthy diet you can always opt for different items that can make your weekend quite desirable and perfect. Whenever you are organizing weekend parties at home make sure you include some recipes with rice that can be cooked or prepared in different ways.
    Rice is an item which can be taken alone or alongside all healthy ingredients. Here in this article you can get an idea about two healthy rice recipes that can be prepared easily without much effort.

    Chicken stuffed with rice

    A well cooked chicken rice recipe is quite popular dish that can be prepared at any point of time without giving much effort. The recipe will make you realize how stuffing can be economical as well as versatile ingredient. With flavored rice you can create a favorable and amazing dish that is healthy and tasty. The recipe can be flavored with nuts, raisins, curry powder which is quite simple and impressive to prepare. The best thing about the recipe is that both kids as well as adults will love the baked recipe, there are different other flavors available with this kind making it perfect enough for weekends or treats.

     Curried Rice Stuffing

    For preparing the item make sure you preheat the oven to 350 degree Fahrenheit and add two tablespoons of normal olive oil over the skillet. Make sure you heat the skillet for some time and then saute chopped onions until it is tender. Then add a tablespoon of turmeric and raisins. You can add three cups of normal cooked white rice as well as pinch of salt and mix it well. Butter the chicken that weighs around two to three pounds and make sure you sprinkle some black pepper over its entire body. Now stuff the chicken with rice mixture and put it in the greased dish. Make sure you bake the chicken for almost an hour or unless it is well prepared. The recipe can be served perfectly for four.


     Roasted Stuffed Chicken

    This delicious roasted stuffed chicken can be easily prepared with potatoes and roasted parsnips; you can add green vegetables too. The item is ideal for almost four to six people. However the main thing with this recipe is that you have to vary the cooking time based on chicken weight or how much chicken you are cooking. For instance if the amount of chicken you are using is three pounds to four pounds you should make it roast for almost hour and fifty minutes at around 285 degrees, then give another thirty more minutes to give it a brown color.
    The key ingredients of this recipe are five pounds of chicken, one chopped onion, one and half ounces of basmati rice, one teaspoon of allspice, two ounces of golden raisins, one and half teaspoon of salt, one and half cups of chicken stock, two and half ounces of melted butter, one ounce of pine nuts, two ounces of chopped pecans, quarter cup of water and quarter teaspoon of black pepper.


    Preheat the oven to a temperature of 285 degree and add half the butter to the skillet. Make sure you saute the pan with onion until it is transparent. Then stir in allspices, add to it rice, nuts and cook the mixture for four minutes. To that mixture add water, sultanas and half cup of stock. Allow the mixture to boil and then turn the heat and simmer it for almost eight minutes or until the complete water is absorbed. Allow it to cool down. Rinse the inside portions of the chicken and pat it dry with paper towels. Spoon all the cooled stuffing into the chicken and bind the chicken with a string. Then put it on a dish and rub the skin with pepper and salt carefully. Pour the rest amount of butter over the chicken and add it to the stock. Make sure you roast it for two and half hours, basting the chicken every half hour with pan juices. Increase the temperature to 350 degrees for the final half an hour of cooking.

    Crock Pot Chicken and Rice

    Here is the recipe for crockpot chicken which is another delicious item that can be tried at your home. Crockpot Chicken is easy to cook and quite suitable for weekend parties. You can surprise all your guests with this amazing recipe which is not only healthy but also tasty enough.
    The key ingredients of this recipe with rice are one tablespoon of poultry seasoning, one tablespoon of chicken bouillon, half ounces of onions that are finely chopped, half pounds of mushrooms that are fresh, quarter tablespoon of salt, two ounces of water, two pounds of chicken that are raw and quarter ounce of rice which is uncooked.


    The first task is to slice the mushrooms, remove the skin from chicken. Keep heating the mushrooms, chicken pieces and onions on both sides until it turns brown for almost 15 minutes. Then stir in seasonings and transfer the combination to the crock pot. It can be refrigerated overnight. Start the crock pot on a low. When all the ingredients are heated you add rice to it and cook it until done.

    Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles

    Ingredients: Chicken, one onion sliced, one spoon dried basil, half pepper, two carrots, two stalks celery, salt to taste and four cups of noodles.


    Place veggies on bottom, chicken on top and followed by seasoning.
    Then pour three cups of water over the pot and set it at low temperature for around 8 to 10 hours. Then make sure you carefully take out chicken and put the noodles in broth, turn the temperature high. Allow the noodles to cook for 45 minutes and meanwhile you take off meat form the bones. Mix it well and serve it fresh with soup.